Work to become antiracist

Some notes to remember

  • Racist by design white by default
  • Reflect and rebound
  • Get over your feelings.
  • Intention without strategy is chaos
  • When the tables are overturned who do they land on?
  • Believe in harm reduction.
  • Dialogue is focused on understanding not providing proof
  • Antiracist is the standard

Strategy Basics

  • Codes of conduct
  • Execution and enforcement
  • Apologizing and making amends
  • Get comfortable living in the gray
  • It's not about my feelings. It's not about me.
  • Make an effort to understand what is being said.
  • It's not about your intention, it's about your impact
  • Don't make it about yourself
  • Receive the gift of feedback.

  • Lack of inclusion is a risk management issue

  • Prioritize the most vulnerable

The closest an individual is to whiteness [the default] the greater...

  • their access to privilege
  • their ability to determine and set the status quo
  • the chances of being extended the benefit of the doubt
  • their feelings are prioritized
  • the impact of their behavior is evaluated from an ”assume positive intent” perspective
  • the expectation of being treated with compassion and empathy
  • Stop looking for simple solutions to complex problems
  • Look for patterns
  • Equity over equality
  • Impact over intention
  • Question everything that you've been told/taught about yourself and your world


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