Add webmention.js to my site

For my create session at IndieWebCampWest 2020 I setup webmention.js and the indiewebring.

At this year's IndieWebCamp West 2020. One session in the schedule was on Codeless automation tools and the indieweb + How webmentions and the web work helped me wrap my head around how HTTP Requests work. I recommend watching the session. Peter Molnar's gave a concise, clear introduction of what happens during automation and HTTP requests. His talk helped less technical people, like myself, to better understand how the web works.

webmention.js a client-side library for rendering webmentions from

My setup notes

  1. Fork webmention.js to my GitHub.
  2. Clone to my local computer
  3. git clone

  4. Add webmention.min.js file to my site's js folder

  5. Add webmention.css to my scss folder and rename it _webmention.scss
  6. Add <div id="webmentions"></div> at end of an entry post for articles, links and notes.


  • Big thank you to @fluffy at IndieWeb Camp West 2020 for inspiration and sharing code.
  • IndieWeb Ring

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