Web Accessibility : Form Labels, Instructions, and Validation

Need help to conduct accessibility audits to improve form and web application usability?

I can help you.

I can conduct an audit and provide specific actionable recommendations how you can improve forms semantically and programmatically.

I've completed the Form Labels, Instructions and Validation course today at Deque University's IAAP WAS Certification Preparation Curriculum Program to prepare me to take and can share the knowledge with you. The course provided plenty of good examples how to write semantic HTML for forms, labels and instructions. The course also took a deep dive into programmatic strategies for form validation, error handling and successful completion messages. One small example would be to dynamically change the page title to indicate an error or success after a form is submitted. A page title is the first thing a screen reader reads so is a good way to communicate to a user what happened after submitting a form.

The course covered the following:

Ensuring users can understand and interact successfully with forms, including field labels, group labels, instructions, required fields, HTML5 input types, form validation (success and error messages), etc.


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