Setup the ImageOptimize plugin with Craft CMS

My install and configuration notes.

To start install the plugin from the Craft CMS plugin store. That will download, install and update your composer.json file.

Install Image Processors & Variant Creators

I used brew to install jpegoptim, optipng, cwebp and npm to install svgo

  • brew install jpegoptim
  • brew install optipng
  • brew install cwebp
  • brew install gifsicle
  • npm install -g svgo

All of this can be done in one or two commands, but I prefer going slow and installed each processor one at a time.

Update paths in config file

Copy file vendor/nystudio107/craft-imageoptimize/src/config.php to my config folder and rename it image-optimize.php

Get paths by using following commands and copy and paste path into your custom image-optimize.php file

  • which jpegoptim path is /usr/local/bin/jpegoptim
  • which optipng path is /usr/local/bin/optipng
  • which cwebp path is /usr/local/bin/cwebp
  • which gifsicle path is /usr/local/bin/gifsicle
  • which svgo path is /Users/scottgruber/.nvm/versions/node/v12.8.0/bin/svgo

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