What Just Happened? And Where Do We Go Now?

The Democracy Factory

Fascinating look inside the vote-by-mail industry's network of print shops and manufacturing companies making all the stuff we’ll need to vote by mail — from the tens of millions of new ballots and envelopes, to the machines that will sort and tally them. via @CalSunday

Full Michelle Obama D.N.C. Speech Transcript

Watch Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speaks About Exchange with Representative Ted Yoho @CSPAN

In a powerful floor speech condemning Rep. Ted Yoho’s misogynistic statements earlier this week, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decimated a common trope that men have used time and again to defend themselves from allegations of sexism: the “father of daughters” excuse.

Imperial Wars Always Come Home

What’s happening in Portland, to put it mildly, is not good. This is American policing shorn of any accountability and reduced to its most fundamental, animalistic drive: to maintain a particular social order, benefiting a particular group of Americans, through the open application of violence.

Biden for President

I'm more and more impressed with Joe Biden. His campaign website is well-designed with good content and built on WordPress.

What are institutions?

Norms, Systems, and Breakdowns. An explanation of terms about how institutions change.

Straight into a mountainside

Consider a thought experiment. What if the NTSB were brought in to look at the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic?

Meet Ida B. Wells-Barnett


In an astonishing long-read, Sophie Shnapp offers two visions of a new world order after Coronavirus, for better or for worse

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