“Our forebears crossed this part of the OCEAN to spread their knowledge and their idea of the spiritual connection with the environment. If you can READ the waves you’ll never get lost”

Children of tomorrow


Tautea atu ra to'u aau,
E rima metua tei to'u nei rima.
Mata atu ra vau i taù tama,
Aue, aue, ua tia hia te hono.

My spirit became clear.
A maternal hand
Was holding mine,
I saw my child;
Then the link became reality.

Mon âme s'éclaircit.
Une main maternelle était dans la mienne,
Je vis mon enfant;
Alors le lien se réalisa.

Keep on looking at the mountains


E hi'o a vau i to'u mou'a
E ho'i a vau i to'u metua
E rohi a vau no te u'i
Ia tupu te hau i to'u fenua
Ia tupu te hau i to'u fenua

I will keep on looking at the mountains.
I will keep on going back to my mother.
I will keep on working
for the future generations
so that peace becomes
a reality for my country
So that peace reigns in my country

Je regarderai vers mes sommets
Je retournerai vers ma mère
Je travaillerai pour les générations futures
Pour que la paix se réalise dans mon pays
Pour que la paix soit dans mon pays.

Na Pali Coast Marae


I te pito o to'u âi'a
Tahiti Nui Mare'are'a,
Ua ta'i vivo te pô
I te ta'i a te ihitai
I te uria pô ra

Hape atu ra toù tari'a;
E reo maru mai te âpu nui o Taaroa;
E upu mai te puna o te tau
I te muhumuhu raa e:
«Haururu e, a fano
A fano mai i Hawaiʻi»

In the middle of my country
Tahiti Nui Mare'are'a
the night sang through
the voice of the 'vivo'
the navigator's chorus
in the darkness.

I heard, from the celestial shell of 'Taaroa'
a soft voice, a prayer
coming out from the source of time.
It murmured to me;
«HAURURU, sail to Hawaiʻi»

Au nombril de mon pays
Tahiti Nui Mare'are'a
La nuit a chanté par la voix du vivo
La complainte des navigateurs
dans les ténèbres

J'entendis, Venue de la coquille céleste de Taaroa
une douce voix, une prière
Venue de la source du temps.
Elle m'a murmuré
«Haururu, vogue vers Hawaiʻi»

Add your own thread

Tahiti and Kauaʻi

A rima vi atu te taura tupuna
A ene atu e
A tu'u atu te fero api
A nati atu e
Ia roa a teie taura
E taura ora e
E taura ora no te u'i
No amuri atu

Get a strong grip on the ancestors cord.
Repair it, add your own thread to it
and braid it into it.
May this cord be longer.
It is a cord of life.
May this cord be a cord of life
for future generations.

Ajoute ton propre fil
Et tresse-le.
Que cette corde soit plus longue.
C'est une corde de vie.
Qu'elle soit une corde de vie
Pour les générations à venir.

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Sirene Sirene
Sirene Journal #9, cover

07 Notes

Sirene Journal

Sirene is a new magazine tailored for those who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it. Large recycled paper pages, rough and porous as only salt water stains can be, large white spaces, pure as a sea horizon, and page-turner.

My interpretation was inspired by my personal connection to the island and people of Kauai especially the Kauaʻi-Tahiti Fête. The fête is a community based dance festival that grew out of the Hawaiian renaissance and brought to life through dance and music the deep cultural and historical connections between islanders of the Pacific to our current era.

Technically the desktop design was straightforward and I did some tweeking to get a nice version for mobile and tablet. I used flexbox on every 2nd column to switch order of the photos.

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    Published by Scott Gruber.