LA Rivers Challenge - Ride LA’s Historic Waterways - Bike for Play

Throughout the month of June each week I’ll be riding a virtual section of the LA River to raise a little bit of money for the LA County Bicycle Coalition by donating to my LA Rivers Challenges Fundraiser.

I want to ask you to support my efforts.

The LA County Bicycle Coalition is a strong advocate for bicycling in Los Angeles County and works to make all communities in LA County healthy, safe, and fun places to ride a bike. I’m a supporter of their work hence my participation in the LA Rivers Challenge fund drive.

During the first week I rode 100 kilometers or 62.3 miles.

During the second week, I rode 133.89 kilometers or 83.2 miles.

Mostly I ride along Ballona Creek Bike Path and the LA County Beach Bike Path.

To make a donation please visit my fundraising page

If I raise at least $50, not only do I help a good cause, but I also earn an LA Rivers Challenge t-shirt. And who wouldn’t want a cool t-shirt. My month-long fund raising goal is $500. And, of course, this is a completely voluntary effort with no expectations. If you can afford to donate—great. If not, just sharing this news with you and getting your virtual encouragement is plenty for me.

Now on to some swag.

To help visualize LA's river waterways, please check out the cool map below. It even includes waterways with bike paths!

Below that are the badges I’ll be earning as I attempt to reach my goal of riding 100K each week throughout the month of June.

And if you scroll all the way to bottom you can see me in lycra!

Thank you for your help.

← Previous 100 kilometers ride today is my longest yet!