Located in the heartland of China, Wuhan is a large city of 10.76 million inhabitants and the capital of Hubei province. Wuhan has 81 museums and 89 universities with over 1.3 million students. Creative design majors are offered at over 30 universities in Wuhan.

Famous for its 3,500 years of cultural history, the city is the cradle of urban civilisation in the Yangtze River basin and the oriental tea harbour of the ancient Tea Road.

Wuhan is known for its expertise in bridge and high-speed rail engineering, resilient urban planning and high-tech industries. 50% of the world’s long-span bridges and 60% of China’s high-speed railways were designed by Wuhan designers.

Creative industries represent an important mainstay of the local economy with an added-value of US$13,07 billion (2016), accounting for 7.47% of the city’s GDP.

Creative design is at the core of Wuhan’s cultural agenda, which includes the large-scale Wuhan Design Biennale, focusing on cross-cutting approaches between art and technologies. The city also hosted the first New Media, Animation and Game Expo in China, establishing a key cooperation platform for Chinese, Japanese and Korean experts and professionals. Wuhan is a UNESCO City of Design since 2017.

Wuhan also hosted the 10th International Garden Exhibition on landscape design, which attracted the participation of 92 cities and an audience over 2.4 million. As a result of the exhibition, the Jinkou landfill, a large MSW area, has been regenerated through green and low-carbon designs and benefited over 100,000 residents.

Wuhan continuously introduces programmes to create a conducive environment for creative designers, including the Qingtong Plan, which has supported young creative entrepreneurs by establishing 73 dedicated districts and 217 incubators.

The City has also effectively implemented a plan to transform Wuhan into a city of creative design, to accelerate the development of creative industries and give a new momentum to economic growth based on culture and innovation.

Wuhan — creative city of design. Be well. I look forward to visiting soon.

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My layout this week is dedicated to Wuhan. In the news around the world because of the coronavirus nothing has been mentioned about the over 11 million people who live there. It didn't take long to learn that it is a creative city with a vibrant design community. I'm looking forward to this epidemic passing so I can visit. Hang in there Wuhan, we're all rooting for you.

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