Why this geek speaks

One of my goals this year was to speak publicly. During September and October, I gave six public talks and I’m just beginning to feel comfortable. Practice helps. I have one more scheduled next week on using CSS Grid for CSS.la, and this essay Why geeks should speak by Justin Jackson landed in my email this morning is very timely. I thought I might share it.

As a geek, there’s one skill that’s helped me level-up professionally more than anything else:

Public speaking.

I know a lot of you aspire to speak at a tech conference; and you should!

There’s a myth that public speaking is only for overconfident extroverts. This isn’t true.

Plus: speaking at events, both big and small, can provide you with some pretty significant advantages for your tech career.

Like many of you, I used to be terrified of getting in front of people, and giving a talk. (Seriously, I was such a shy nerdy kid).

Read on…

If you’re interested I’ve put together a speaker site listing my talks. But most importantly follow your dreams. I’m certainly better for following mine.

Nasa Space Hackathon
Hello from NASA Space Apps Hackathon participants
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NASA Space Apps Hackathon certificate
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