IndieWeb Summit 2018

This is my RSVP page used to register to the 2018 IndieWeb Summit.

This will be my second IndieWeb Summit. I attended the 2016 Summit in Portland and really enjoyed it. Everyone was so kind and helpful, even to a newbie like myself. I missed the 2017 Summit in Los Angeles, but am excited to join again this year. Unfortunately I canโ€™t fly to Portland this year, but hope to participate remotely.

For my project, I want to learn about how to start an Indieweb Homebrew club where I work at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

Would someone at the IndieWeb Summit like to have a conversation about the topic and share their experiences and advice? Even though I plan to attend remotely, I could setup a Zoom web conference or use Skype or another video conference tool.

Scott Gruber RSVP: yes, will attend remotely. Register online to IndieWeb Summit.

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